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Transformation Story : A corporate Women working as VP in a MNC hospitality company

The real transformation is not about providing the solution to the problems of peoples, but to empower peoples where they can resolve their all challenges in their Life, career & Business by themselves.

Let me share a real-life transformation story of a women who came to us to resolve her biggest problem in her career. She lost her job due to Covid19 in April 2020 and was in serious depression being at home being unemployed.

she tried her best to find any job which can engage her in employment, but could not succeed.

She was working as Asst. Vice president heading customer service department in a multinational seven start hotel. She was with this group for almost 7 years with overall 15+ years’ experience in hospitality industry with very successful career.

Hospitality industry and customer service is her passion and she cannot think having career in any other industry.

1st time she was unemployed in last 15 years of her continuous career which is further causing depression and discomfort in life.

1st time she was at home without any work, in depression because 1st time she was so lonely in her life. Being in customer service, she always used to be surrounded by peoples in the hotel from morning till late evening.

With no sign of opening in hospitality industry due to pandemic, she started exploring the opportunity of any job where she can engage herself.

On the 1st days, when she was in our “Empower your career Program” she wants to “Resolve her Job & career problem” and at this stage she had absolutely no idea what is happening in her life and why she is so frustrated and depressed.

“Money & Relationship” is the only two challenge, people can have in their life, if you start analysing all problems in your life, you will find that almost all problems are either relating to Money or Relationship.

The Job & Career problem what she is facing now and looking for immediate solution is in reality not the actual problem of depression and anxiety in her life.

Her real problem is “Relationship challenges” in her life!

Through our inquiry and discovery based scientific framework she discovered that:

  1. The real challenge in her life is not becoming Jobless, But loneliness. Being unemployed, 1st time she became lonely. She has to be in lockdown inside her apartment without anything to do.

  2. Her Job was not only the source of earning, but also her “Lifestyle” where she used to be completely occupied and busy interacting with people. With no time to feel alone and by the time, she uses to reach home it’s time to sleep.

  3. The desperation for Job was not to earn money for survival, she is financially stable and have enough saving to live better life for some more years. Through job she was in search of some kind of engagement where she can forget her loneliness.

  4. Her passion for hospitality industry was so high, she cannot think for having a carrier in any other industry and this was the main reason she was not able to get job in other industry.

  5. The opportunity of coming back in her own industry whenever situation becomes normal was always there in back of her mind. And she could not allow her to be confident in any other industry and hence, she could not succeed in any interview to get any other job.

After completing with Great Human University (GHU), today she is practising yoga with her mother who is a certified yoga teacher. She is happy helping her mother’s yoga class to reach to more and more people and serve people in this pandemic.

Today she is very confident having a better Job, whenever industry will open up and things will start moving. She is happy that god has given her an opportunity to know and understand about herself like Who is She? and the future she can create for herself, through GHU.

1st time she had agreed with herself that she had biggest resentment in her life for “Marriage”, for some stupid reason which was never been in her control and she had punished herself for that.

She is hoping to find her soulmate in this period of peace and satisfaction what she is experiencing now.

If any one of you would like to know more about her, because you or any on you know is in similar situation like her and need sharing with someone who can help, our GHU team will be happy to reach you.

If you want to talk to our executive, do comment on the post …..

At Great Human University (GHU) we ensure our participants to resolve their all challenges in Life, Career, Business and Relationship with assured success or 100% money back guarantee.

To know more about us you can visit our website at

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