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How to get a JOB of your CHOICE in just 90 Days?

You did your schooling from a village in Hindi medium and if you get this Job then where these other candidates will go who did their schooling from branded public schools, colleges and MBA from IIMs.

Why you are wasting your time and efforts looking for job in an MNC?

I simply replied, I can do better job than anybody else in this position.

That was my first interview after passing my #icwa / #cma and #ca exams.

I couldn’t get the opportunity to add value in that company but I got my 1st official Job in Motorola with better growth opportunity, position, profile and salary.

Today I will talk about: How to get a JOB of your CHOICE in just 90 Days?

This has always worked for me and hope will work for all of you as well.

1. Benchmark your skill & competencies with best global standard for the Job position you are targeting: It was difficult at my time but now it is very easy most of the benchmark data is available on Internet. Identify the gap in top ten skills and competencies and get yourself trained, updated and coached within 90 days to be best in market ready condition.

2. Prepare for one Unique Competitive advantage relevant in your area of expertise and business function you are looking for creating you career. When I was exploring the possibility to get into my professional career in 1997-98, I trained myself with ERP SAP; that time very few finance & accounting professionals were trained in ERP. Later when I was Finance director, I trained myself in IPO and Public listing and the next move was to become a Group CFO for a multibillion group.

3. Effective communication is very important to create an impact on interviewer, it does not mean your English-speaking capability; rather your capability to make people understand the purpose of communication. It should be Brief, clear and supported with example. As a leader always demonstrate the work and expectation to get the best result.

4. Influencing capability, the only way to influence any person in corporate and professional life is to either add value or resolve challenges of their business and life. If you are already in job then this is only way you are going to get growth and promotion in the company.

But if you are looking for the Job then this is more important because, in an interview all the candidates called for interview are equally competent and capable of doing this work. And this fact is even known by interviewer also. But the person who is able to create influence over the interviewer will only be remembered and called for the final round of interview and selection.

Before every interview, I use to do a research about the social life of the interview, like what is his passion, hobby, sports, and reading to use and influence wisely in the process of interview at appropriate situation.

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What you think are the other ways to get the job of your choice in 90 days?

do write your comments and questions you might have relating to your JOB, I would love to share my thoughts to help you get your dream Job.

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