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Free taster Courses & Training Programs

to help you decide how these training programs and courses can help your transform your life to resolve 

challenges in Job, career, Business and relationship.

1 Crore Crorepati - Masterclass (How to become wealthy)

If creating wealth & making money 💰💰 is one of your goal, then you are reading the right message

Under this masterclass  we will be empowering you all with Money management and Wealth creation skill to make you financially free and Atmanirbhar.


Under 01 Crore Crorepaties series for next 100 days we are going to share hundreds of videos on our YouTube channel “Money & Relationship” which you can subscribe, listen and practice to empower your financial capability and become wealthy.

When - Starting from 1st May 2021 

Hindi / english


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7 Steps to get Employed

Join a 90 minute Free taster program to help you decide whether this Career empowering Program is right for you.

If you are ready to transform your Career and come out of the challenges of Employability, Job, Promotion and Career cycle once for all. This research based training program designed by GHU will scientifically train and empower you to get the job and employment of your choice you deserve to experience the Job satisfaction and Financial freedom. 

When - 28th May 2021  IST  at 04.00 PM 



We Need Your Support to empower Human being !

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