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Who influenced you in life?

Throughout our life, we come across a number of people who directly or indirectly influence us. These are the people from whom we learn and subconsciously comprehend their ideologies in our own life. This can be anyone from our parents, siblings, friends to our tutors, colleagues or anyone else who was a part of our life at some point in time. Everything we do in life is inspired by someone but we don't always realise it. You may have decided to pursue a career in finance because someone you know already works in the field and you were intrigued by it. Although, it is quite possible that you are unaware of this person's influence. Moreover, it's not only people who influence our decisions, it can also be a non-living entity like a book or an article. You may have read an article on career in finance which ignited your interest in the field leading to a career in it. Similarly, our personal relationships can also be impacted by certain individuals. You may want a marriage like our parents or friendship like we see in movies.

Great Human University helps people to come to this realization. We guide you on the journey to realisation which leads to identifying who inspired or influenced which aspect of your life. Not only are your choices influenced by others but you also knowingly or unknowingly influence someone's choices in the same way. Every single individual has been influenced by someone in his life. It is a complete circle.The realisation might give you the chance to express your gratitude to the people who contributed to the person you are today. Their attributes embedded in your life are a mirror of your personality. However, just because you find someone inspiring, always keep in mind that you don't have to acquire all of their attributes. Rather incorporate only the positive attributes which will benefit you later in life and abstain from the negative or toxic traits. In the end always remember, you are your own person. You are unique. Despite being influenced by others, you are where you are in your life because of your hard work and dedication.

by Swarnika Porwal

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