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Never stop dreaming

What did you want to become in life? Did you have a particular dream that you had your mind set on? Everyone has numerous dreams they wish to fulfill in their life. But when you have a long list of dreams and desires, some of them ought to remain unfulfilled. You would like to cross off each dream off your list, ensure that none of them remains unachieved. Circumstances play a significant role in the accomplishment of dreams. Let's say, you wanted to go to a certain University for your studies but couldn't go due to financial reasons. This cannot be counted as a failure. We need to prepare ourselves for setbacks in life. Learn to let go of the disappointment about broken desires. Cherish the ones that got fulfiled.

The Empower Your Life programme of Great Human University teaches various life skills, one of which is Acceptance. Make peace with failure, broken desires, unfulfilled dreams. Once you learn the skills of acceptance, it becomes easier to go ahead with life. Look around you and see how much you have achieved, be grateful for what you have rather than being upset about what you lost. Learn something important from every setback. Every instance in life teaches a lesson. Be sure to grasp it fully. Like it's said, "You've got a broken dream, not a broken future".

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