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Likes = Good, Dislikes = Bad?

Everyone has certain likes and dislikes. These are a part of who we are. But do we ever think about what impact those choices have on our life. We often tend to believe that because we like something, it is good and because we dislike something else, it is bad.

GHU works towards changing this perception. Likes can be bad as well in the same way as dislikes can be good. Take the most basic scenario for instance, a lot of people don't like reading too much but that doesn't necessarily mean it is bad. Infact, this dislike has a negative impact on our life. Reading is like an exercise for the mind. It increases our vocabulary and knowledge. At GHU, we assist people in identifying which of their likes or dislikes are having a negative impact on their life. This realization helps them modify their likes and dislikes to ones which will have a positive impact on their life.

by Swarnika Porwal

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