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Research based Programs to transform

Corporate executives & Business Leaders

Specialised in Advance Leadership Development Program & Corporate Training

innovative, research based and never experienced before (Book demo)

All our programs come with assured Success or Money back guarantee 


Great Human University is a research-based organisation where we empower corporate executives, professionals, business leaders & owners through our research-based framework to transform their Life, Career and Business.


Only university in the world proving “Leadership Development Program” and “Corporate training” where we 1st transform the person and based on their level of consciousness; further empower them with power of wisdom to make them a fulfilled business leader.


Recognised as the best and No.1 in leadership development and corporate training by our esteemed participants. Who had earlier acquired their certificate from premier and recognised institutions.


Why you believe? Book a demo to experience the TRUTH.


" We Empower People and Transform their Life where they are able to resolve their all challenges relating Job, Carrier, Business and Relationship through our research based framework".


Corporate Trainings 

Research based Corporate Training Program to Empower Corporate executives, Leadership & Management who can Transform your Business and take it to the next level of growth and Profitability

(1st of it’s kind in the world ) with assured success

Advance Leadership Development Program - ALDP

Corporate Leadership is not a Job; it’s a passion of the person to take the business to the next level of growth and profitability. through ALDP we empower business leaders with the enhance “Decision making & Implementation of Decisions” capabilities. Ranked as best in the word for Leadership Development. 

Empower Your Career Program

We equip CxO & business leaders with skills & Competencies to transform their career to become a successful business leader & execution expert to lead global businesses and grow them profitable

Transforming Corporate Decision Making

Innovative program to train and  empower corporate business leaders with scientific tool & framework to facilitate effective Decision Making & Implementation of those decisions in the company

Empower Your Business Program

We empower business owners, leaders, organisations with skills, mindset and network to undertake the biggest challenges of their business and life. See how you can empower yours.

Entrepreneurship & Business Incubation

Specialised Program for Budding Entrepreneurs and startups to empower them with leadership capabilities to resolve 80% startup failure and get funded.

Women Leadership Development

48% of women enter the workforce as compared to 52% males where as only 21% of women are able to acquire the CxO position. Specialised program for women's who wants to grow their Career.

Empower Your Life Program - EYLP

We empower human beings to rediscover who you are and experience the limitless love & abundance inside you to build a better world you live in.

The only person who can know and empower your more than yourself is Dr. Dhirendra Gautam and his GHU team. I can not write my experience in words " the real transformation can only be experienced" by participating in empowering Program. Every person should do this program it comes with money back guarantee.” 


Dr. Bibha Mishra - Director Projects



Research Based content 

to transform Life, Career & Business


Interactive sessions based on enquiry and self Discovery 


Diverse people from different education, social & financial level


Real life Career, Relationship & Business challenges & solution. 


Group Learning, discovery and Transformation


Empowering Personality to resolve problems in Life


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