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A signature master class with Dr. Dhirendra Gautam

As a human being there is only one thing we all should know in our life 

and after knowing that we do required to know anything else. 

That one thing is to


“Know your thyself” Who am I? know your Oneself.

Discover your Oneself “Who am I”?


Our Promise to you:

This program is not a knowledge sharing (gyan-baato) session, presentation and videos recreation;


All our training programs are research based and delivered through our patented content based frame-work with assured success or Money Back.

Highlights of this Masterclass

1.    Whatever we are today is the result of decisions we have taken in our Life, Job, Career, Business & relationship. 


We take our decision based on our personality which is our strength & weakness and acquired by us through our intellect in the influence of impacting people in our life, our culture, society, religion, law of land and through our education system, skills, competencies, trainings and experiences.

2.   Scientists have proved that our personality through which we take decisions and implement them in our life is  “Acquired Personality” and hence we are not able to achieve the expected result in our life, Job, Career, Business and Relationship.


In “Discover your Oneself” program we help dismantle your acquired personality through our research based frame-work the way it had been acquired by you from your childhood till now and at this program you will be able to discover your real personality “Your who am I” your oneself.


3.   Once you discover your Oneself, you have the opportunity to discover your passion and create your future career based on your passion.


4.   Operating from your oneself you have the opportunity to experience peace, satisfaction and fulfilment in whatever you do as your career. And Money will come in abundance as by product.


For the 1st time in the history of universe we have developed a research based frame-work through which we will be able to help you discover your Oneself.

Who should attend this Program:

All who wants to discover their oneself, who am I? and experience peace, fulfilment and self-expression in their life

​Assured success or 100% money-back (patented program)

What you will learn & experience from this Program ?

  1. How your personality had been acquired by you from your childhood till now?

  2. How you are operating & taking decisions from acquired personality and not able to create the expected result in your life, job, career, business & Relationship.

  3. How to dismantle your acquired personality and Discover your “Oneself”.

  4. How to discover your real personality? Your Who am I?

  5. What is your real passion? (discovered)

  6. Opportunity to create your future career based on your passion.

About Dr. Dhirendra Gautam (Dr.D.)


Dr.D. is a Global CFO turned life & business doctor with a Master in Finance and a PhD in people transformation. He is professional Chartered, cost and management accountant with 23+ years of corporate experience managing global business in more than 150 countries as Global CFO, Director Finance and Planning with companies like SuperMaxworld, Pepsi, Unilever and Motorola.

After 7+ years of research in understanding human design and how people take decisions and impact their Life; he has developed a scientific frame-work to empower & transform people, corporate executives and business leaders to resolve their challenges in Life, job, career, business and relationship with assured success or money-back guarantee.

He is the author of best-selling book “Transforming Money & Relationship challenges”.

His passion for human potential and self-discovery drew him to oriental philosophy, meditation, and psychology from a young age.

He has travelled all over the world (70+ countries) and transform thousands of people, corporate executives and business leaders.

His longing for truth never subsides; he constantly searches, explores, and works on himself, experiencing new methods, approaches, and self-development processes.

He is the founder of Great Human University which is engaged in empowering people around the world with a vision to transform and save humanity.

gautam inaudgaring.jpg

Empowering corporate executives and Business leaders to discover their oneself to transform their Business and career. 

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He is the Chairman of Navi Mumbai Chamber of Business and Industries

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