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Empowering People to Transform their Life, Career & Business


Traditional education & qualification is just an eligibility benchmark; It is your personality which creates your future.


At GHU we help you discover your real personality to create a fulfilling future life & Career.

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Great Human University Programs

We help you to learn only one thing in your life, after knowing that you do not require to learn anything else.

We help you discover your "oneself"

Only university in the world proving research based “Leadership Development & Training” programs for corporate executives & Business leaders. Where we 1st transform business leaders to discover their real personality "oneself" and based on their discovery; we further empower them with power of wisdom to make them a fulfilled human being and successful business leader.

Browse our life empowering Leadership Development & Corporate Training Programs to create your future

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The only person who can empower your more than yourself is Dr. Dhirendra Gautam and his GHU team. If you couldn't find solution for your challenges in life, career, business or relationship anywhere else in this world, just talk to him before giving up"

Dr. Bibha Mishra - Director Projects

Great Human University

Empowering Framework

New technological disruption like Internet, smartphones, artificial intelligence and machine learning has made human life more self-centric, lonely and less expressive.


The hunt for success in terms of better job, career, wealth, position and profile is becoming more competitive and causing more stress, anxiety, tension and depression in the life of people which is further impacting their health, career, business and relationship.   


1st time in the history of world, at Great Human University we have created a research based framework to empower the life of corporate executives, business leaders and all other people to transform their life and resolve challenges in their Job, career, business and relationship with assured success.

Empowered life

Great Human University  

Empowers you to transform your

Life, career, business & Relationship with assure success

How Great Human University works

1. Discover your Oneself

By dismantling your acquired personality through research based framework

Whatever you are today is the result of decisions you have taken in your life & career based on your personality which is acquired through your education system. if you operate from same personality you will have the same result in future.

We help you to discover your "who am I" to operate from your own personality and create a fulfilling Life.

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Empower and transform yourself.png

2. Empower & Transform yourself

With research based framework to empower & transform life, career, business and Relationship

We equip and empower you with our scientifically designed research based framework to understand and discover the possibilities of financial freedom and self-expression to transform your life.

Without empowering a human being it is difficult to transform their job, career, business and relationship challenges in Life. 

3. Create your future

Operating from wisdom, you have the possibility to create a fulfilling life, career, business and relationship.

Your awareness and power of wisdom will empower you to transform each and every opportunities in your life to create many possibilities of success with fulfillment.

You have the opportunity to create a fulfilling future in your Life, career, business & relationship. 

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Empower your

Life, Career & Business

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